A Wheel and Away


  • Travel to Morocco – again and again and again…

    Morocco is easy to describe – quite simply, once you’ve been you will never want to leave.  

    You will find yourself fantasising about buying a riad and selling your house back home.  Your children will be able to grow up surrounded by joy and people who see them as an absolute gift.  Your mornings will consist of long…

  • I’m sorry, no more wheelchairs today

    Imagine visiting an attraction and being told that you are not allowed to enter because of your ethnicity, as they will only allow ten people with your heritage in per day.  Or because of your sexuality unless you want to go in without your family and friends. How long would it be before the media outcry…

  • Accessible travel in a post Covid-19 world

    The bizarre year we have all experienced due to Covid-19 has meant many of us have faced huge changes to our lives.  This has affected us all differently, as has how we have reacted to it.

    As a mum of two children with SMA, we soon received the letters identifying them as clinically extremely vulnerable and on…

  • Carrying Kevan and redefining accessible

    Kevan Chandler and his friends make quite a team.  The group of twenty somethings spent three weeks travelling round Europe visiting France and England before venturing over to the Emerald Isle.  The trip was such a success that a couple of years later they decided to repeat the experience, only this time visiting China. This…

  • Living in the lap of luxury in Morocco

    As anyone who knows our family will testify, we do not tend to fit in to the category of luxury travellers.  A fifteen pound a night hostel with a spare mattress on the floor and a slightly dodgy shower tends to be much more the norm for us when we travel.

    However, I was very fortunate to…

  • A whistle stop history of the twentieth century in Gdansk

    If you are a real history buff you will already know about Gdansk.   Formerly known as Danzig, this unassuming city on Poland’s Baltic Coast has played host to many of the most momentous moments of the twentieth century.

    Think back to news footage – the grainy reels showing soldiers going off to war, contrasted against propaganda recordings…

  • Wheelchair accessible Gdansk?

    Arriving in Gdansk is like pitching up in a perfectly stylised idea of sixteenth century Amsterdam in Jessie Burton’s “The Miniaturist”.  Ice cream coloured buildings line the streets of Ul. Dluga, the main street in the Old Town which runs from Upland Gate to Green Gate.

    The buildings are almost architectural representations of the famous ‘lody’ or…

  • “The Airport Security Officer’

    Our children have wanted to go to America for as long as I can remember.  I guess I should be pleased, as the other place that they are desperate to go to is a well-known, if slightly dated family theme park near us (not my first choice of fun holiday spots!).

    So a lot of excitement was…

  • Indian hospitals and our REAL travel essentials!

    In 2014 we spent a month travelling round Northern India.  While as a family we aren’t the greatest of planners, this trip was a real fly by the seat of our pants, even by our standards.

    We had started off well.  The flights had actually been booked a few months in advance, we had started the…